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Bed and breakfast in Dublin – Dublin over the past fifteen years or so has become one of the most favoured entertainment capitals in the world. People come from all over the world to learn and enjoy our history and our culture. Dublin has a history that reaches back over a thousand years, going right back to the time when the Vikings created the first settlement in Ireland. This original site has been kept and preserved for posterity and can be viewed as part of a tourist trail of the city.

Of course this is not the only attraction on offer. One can learn about our famous writers, poets, soldiers, politicians, and of course buildings which played a major role in the struggle for independence and freedom from foreign rule. Dublin can be heaven with coffee at eleven and a stroll down Stephens green.

These are lyrics from a famous Irish ballad which was written over seventy years ago, but are still very relevant to this day. Because Dublin has so much to offer it has led to a major boon in the tourist business which in turn means there is a huge demand for accommodation. This demand has led to a mushrooming of bed and breakfast businesses as well as hotels.

Is a bed and breakfast in dublin economical?

The most economical way to stay in Ireland is without doubt staying in bed and breakfast facilities. But it is also very important that you choose one that is a fully registered and certified premises. This should include the premises having a health and safety certificate, as well as a tourist board certificate. Once you have seen these vital stamps on the advertising then you can be sure of good service and accommodation.

There is also another very important aspect to booking a stay in a bed and breakfast in Dublin or any other premises and that is the personal touch. It is a great help if the owner of the premises is hands on with the guests and is well versed in the local knowledge of what is best to see and how to get there.

Castle Lodge bed and breakfast in Dublin

Castle lodge bed and breakfast in Dublin fits all this criteria. The owners, Jerry and Eithne are local Malahide natives and are very knowledgeable in what and where to visit and most importantly, how to get there. Malahide is only a thirty minute train or bus ride into the city, but once you stay in Malahide you may not want to go anywhere else because it has everything one could ask for in shopping, entertainment, and eating out.

Check out Castle lodge bed and breakfast in Dublin now and see for yourself what is on offer.

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