Cheap Bed and Breakfast in Dublin

Cheap bed and breakfast – In the present economic climate the emphasis is very much on obtaining value for your money, but that is not to say that standards must be lowered. The visitor expects value for money and is entitled to get it.There is no reason for value and service to be compromised just because a B and B, is offering cheaper accommodation. But it is worth noting that not all, bed and breakfast premises are registered with the relevant authorities, so one must be careful to check certification.Cheap Bed and Breakfast

Most Dublin cheap bed and breakfast establishments are on par with European standards which mean they must comply with the most stringent of regulations set down by the, E U. There is no chance they can get away with bad facilities or service, because there are health and safety checks carried out regularly.If some establishments are not complying to the standards set out, and do not attempt to put things right having received various warnings, then the relevant authority has the power to close these premises down, and do not hesitate to do so when necessary.

Cheap bed and breakfast – Irish tourist board approved

Most Irish cheap bed and breakfast houses are registered and regulated by the Health authority, and the Irish Tourist board. If there are any complaints regarding service or standards by the client, and once they have been reported to the proper authority, they will be dealt with expeditiously and thoroughly.There is no reason in this ultra modern world we live in that we should have accept bad hygiene and below standard food and service.

As mentioned above, just because an advertisement offers cheap rates for B and B, does not mean they can reduce their responsibility, they still have a duty of care to fulfill and must not compromise on this aspect of the business in any way.It is imperative that the same attention to detail is taken before one chooses a B and B, as would be taken in any important purchase one wishes to make.

Research your cheap bed and breakfast establishment fully!

The difference between having a great stay over, or a not so great visit has a huge amount to do with where one stays. If one is not happy with the accommodation, then this can have a very serious effect on the visit.

So please do your research and make your choice on regulated certification by the proper authorities.

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